Computer Requirements for Food Safety Food Handler courses
I do not have a reliable Internet connection. Can I still take the course online?
If you frequently experience problems with your Internet service on a specific computer, We highly recommend that you take the course on a different computer. Often times family members, friends, employers and public libraries can offer use of alternative computers.

My city or county is not listed on the website. Can I still take the course online?
If your city county is not listed on our list of “Approved Cities and Counties” that means that your local regulatory agency (normally the Health Department) has not officially approved our courses as a means to satisfy their course requirements. Oftentimes, local health departments accept our training courses even though the city or county has not worked with us to officially approve it. We oftentimes find that a health department may already accept our course, even though they have not contacted us to tell us they have approved it.

In these cases, you will need to contact your local health department and ask them if they will accept our generic version of the course. The reason courses may be listed for other counties in your area is because those counties have already approved Classroom Online/360Training as an official means for satisfying their food safety requirement. 

Ultimately, your local health department will have the final say as to whether or not they will accept this course.

I don’t have a printer attached to my computer. How do I print my certificate? 
You have the ability to reprint your certificate from any computer with an Internet connection and a printer attached to it, even if this is not the computer you originally took the course on. You will need to find a computer with a printer available, and then go to Login to your account again using the username and password you used to take the course. If you forgot your username and password, please call 800-442-1149 to have one of our service representatives look it up for you. Then choose “resume course in progress” and it will forward you to the end of the course. You will have an option to print your certificate here.

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*Note: These courses do not satisfy the requirements for Oregon & Washington state Food Handler Cards

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